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Escova de Leite , Keratin 1L

Escova De Leite is suitable for leveling a strong wave. It combines a unique composition with the strongest components for hair straightening and reconstruction for up to 6 months.The amino acid component fights dryness, reconstructs the inner part of the hair, evens out the tightest curls.Preservatives in the composition of keratin additionally prolong the smooth, even effect after the procedure. Recommended for coarse hair with a strong curl.Product free of formaldehyde, parabens and petrolatum, easy to apply as it is a single step. It is an organic and biodegradable product. It acts on the cortex of the wires, modifying the shape of the hair with the heat of the flat iron.
1.Wash your hair with deep cleansing shampoo. dry the hair 100%.
2.Divide your hair into 4 sections. Apply generously to thin strands. Evenly distribute the composition over the entire length of the hair with a thin comb.
3.To withstand the composition on the hair from 40 minutes to 60 minutes, depending on the type of hair.
4.After exposure of the composition: Wash off the composition under running water for 40-60 seconds.
5.Hair straightening. The temperature of the iron and the number of broaches depends on the type and condition of the hair. We suggest 15-30 times (on stronger hair) 450F
6.Let your hair cool. Rinse hair with plenty of water WITHOUT using shampoo. Apply conditioner or hair mask. Wash away. Dry with a hair dryer. Style your hair as desired.
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