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Oxiplastia Qbella 1L

Progressive Oxiplastia Liso Perfeito from Qbella Professional is a hair cream that helps reduce volume, in addition to hydrating and nourishing the fiber. Straight hair, giving intense shine. It has the characteristic of promoting the reduction and elimination of frizz, through thermal feedback, making it easier to style, reducing and controlling the volume of the hair and repairing the fiber capillary.

how to use:

1. Wash hair with clarifying shampoo

2.Dry hair 100%

3.Divide the hair into 4 sections;

4. Apply the product strand by strand from root to tip, starting from the nape of the neck to the top of the head and respecting the space of 0.5 above the root;

5. The product’s pause time on the hair varies due to its resistance (40 to 90 minutes);

6. Rinse your hair with water (remove 50% of the product);

7. Brush and straighten in thin strands 10 to 25 times on each strand



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