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XBTX Omega Zero 1KG

An impressive result in one stage. Hair Botox penetrates the cortex of thehair, sealing it from the inside and filling the
voids. Bio Botox Omega Zero an innovative formula to deeply nourish the hair. The therapeutic formula contains amino acids,
vegetable tannin acids and Macadamia oil. The hydrated formula and the curls, making them lighter, free and natural. The procedure will give a magnificent shine to even the most dull and lifeless hair. Formaldehyde free.
It brings shine and softness to the hair while controlling frizz obtained by chemical treatments. From the first application, it
penetrates the hair to the cortex to repair damaged areas. It moisturizes the hair fiber and makes it more manageable and facilitates styling.It also promotes growth.
  1. Wash hair with deep cleansing shampoo 2 times, leave for 5 minutes at the last time.
  2. With a towel remove excess of water. Using a brush, apply Omega Zero XBTX Capillary to 1cm from the root;
  3. Leave applied for 20 to 50 minutes
  4.  Rinse completely removing the product from the hair;
  5.  Dry 100% of the hair, brush and divide into 4 equal parts;
  6. Straighten your hair with a flat iron. Temperature up to 450F
  7. Procedure completed

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